Welcome Back

Welcome back to Dirty Phone Friend! We have a couple of your favorite girls with some new ones and more on the way.

Let’s meet the girls we have for your pleasure.

Auntie Sunshine is a mature blonde bombshell with a killer rack. She’s fun and will sit and have a drink with you while you tell her what you really desire! Sunni will always brighten your day!


Here is the link to Contact Sunni https://www.talktome.com/women/auntie-sunshine/

Now, let’s meet our Special girl, Brittni. She’s a sexy blonde trainwreck who loves being a dirty little slut for Daddy. Don’t get it twisted though, from submissive slut to dominant switch, she may have you begging to suck her fat cock! If you like to party she’s your shemale!


Contact her here https://www.talktome.com/shemale/balls-deep-brittni/

Last up is Lisa.  She is a lonely housewife whose husband is usually out of town. The guys love her and the women gossip about her and keep an eye on their men. Yes, you could call her a cougar! Sometimes you might find her on the front porch smoking a joint with anyone who stops by!  Why don’t you come on up, introduce yourself and have a chat with her



Contact Lisa here https://www.talktome.com/women/naughty-aunt-lisa/


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