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Phone Sex with Cookie

Did you miss me ? I know you did, don’t even play. I see the letters you left me. You know sometimes that your sweet Cookie has to be gone for a while, but I always come back. Can’t keep a good bitch down for long.

Things are different this go around. I choose who I want to talk to. I can turn your ass down if I want to. It’s rare that I do that,  just know my option to do is on the table and you can’t do shit about it.  I like to have fun on my calls,  My attitude depends on you.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am 420 friendly, a party girl. I enjoy smoking fetish phone sex, CFNM roleplay phone sex, Strap-on phone sex, Small penis humiliation phone sex,cheating girlfriend phone sex and your basic vanilla roleplays as well. If there is something you have in mind, please email me or txt me and see if it is something we can do.


Click here to Call4Cookie

Hot HouseWife Adrienne



Hello, boys. I’m Adrienne: Size queen, swinger (with a husband who’s happy to play along).

AdrienneCuckoldress, Masturbatrix, and Auntie in a sexy Southern package. Yes, I’m a hot wife. (I live in a small town, and I read books faster than I can buy them, so I have to find other ways to amuse myself.) My husband knows about my conquests and is more than happy to offer himself up as the “cuckolded” fluffer boy. We also get up to other things in our swinging, like MFF and MMF threesomes, foursomes, orgies, and gangbangs. He’s bi/pan, I’m bi/pan, it works. I still fuck him, though. His cock is on the small end of “big enough” for me, but it’s not so small that I’m going to turn it down. I’ve got a taste for big cock, and I’m always on the lookout for a new one. My favorites are the men whose erections you can see across the great state of Alabama. No shame in my game. Hubby is an over-the-road truck driver, so he’s gone a lot, but I have plenty of other *ahem* toys to amuse me while he’s gone. Like I said, he knows about them and loves for me to tell me all about them while he’s away. It turns him on to hear about my guided masturbation sessions, my cuckold scenes, my roleplaying, my cocksucking lessons, etc. In fact, telling him how to jerk off for me while relating all my dirty deeds to him in the process is how I became interested in phone sex in the first place. My favorite things include cuckolding, hot wife fantasies, roleplaying and mutual masturbation, MILF fantasies of all types, guided masturbation/JOI, cum eating/CEI, threesomes, body worship, big tit fantasies, anal training and strap-on play, gangbangs, bi and cocksucking fun, spanking, sex toy fun, some light CBT, and being “Auntie” Adrienne to all the good little boys and girls. Interested? Call me. 😉 


Say Hello to Princess Kitti

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Little-_Princess-_GraphicHiya! I’m Princess Kitti and I know I make your dick hard! Even the itty bitty dicks try stand at attention for me! It always makes my panties soo wet hearing about your naughty thoughts and ideas you have for me! The more taboo the better…I’ve been told that I’m a very good girl who learns exactly what you desire.

Knee High Tube Socks

Oral, Anal, Girl Next Door, Naughty Boy, Naughty Girl, and all of the ones we can’t say here. I really enjoy being a
Some of my specialties include family
 role play being a submissive girl for you. I also love to roleplay bratty tease, small penis humiliation. I am also open to GFE  for a Phone Sex SugarDaddy and you can treat me super special. I love it when you guys send me a bonus!  Go get your phone and get comfy and call me..I want to make you feel so good.touch-my-princess-parts

SheDick Phone Sex Fantasy with Brittni

Balls Deep Brittni Click here to call

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If you are looking for shemale fantasy role play, you’ve come to the right page.Brit_This_One
Everyone that calls me has a different fantasy in mind.Some need it hard and rough while others require a more tender session.It all depends on your specific taste in pleasure, and that’s exactly what I want to give you.
Sensual Domme or Sweet Submissive, I’m that sexy Shemale that you’ll keep coming back for. I’m Brittni, bitch
When I’m not available, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I also offer appointments


Taboo Phone sex with Age Play Adonica

Age Play Adonica Click Here

Hi guys! I’m Age Play Adonica. Do you like taboo roleplays? If you like naughty fantasies that make your head spin and your dick throb you’ve come to the right page!
Donni4I want to hear all your taboo topics that make you so hard.The more taboo the better… I love getting off with you and if you have a specific fantasy in mind, send me an email with the details so I know exactly how to please you./
Oral, Anal, Girl Next Door, Naughty School Girl, and so much more 😉

Shemale Fantasy Phone Sex

You can’t help the way your cock reacts when you see me. I mean, fuck look at me I’m a hawt mess. Daddy tells me that I should act better, try to be a lady. I can’t help the way I am.

First time he saw me he told me I looked better in a dress than my mom did. She’d been gone for a while and I loved to play in all the things she left behind. I had make up , dresses, heels, feather boa’s and I even found a box of her dildo’s.  Then he got angry.. so angry he couldn’t control himself.

He grabbed me threw me over his lap and spanked my ass till it was raw and red with his bare hand. Skin to skin, I was young but my dick twitched. I felt this strange lump under me , I knew it was Daddy’s cock.

A couple years later he caught me  blowing this dude while I was dressed up in my moms mini skirt and heels. He kicked the guy out  and swiftly took over. If I wanted to suck dick, it was going to be his!

I’m a good girl for daddy, but we all know that even sometimes, Daddy likes it balls deep too! Shemale Fantasy Phone Sex what you need?

All you gotta do is Click here for Balls Deep Brittni 


Strap-on Phone Sex with Kristen

Hot Grad Student Kristen is a strap-on phenom. She will work your ass in all kinds of ways! This bitch will make you her bitch!


You know you want some of her! Worship her every curve and beg for her to adorn her big dick dildo of delight and fuck your ass like a freight train.

StrapOn Phone Sex with Kristen

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HardCore Ignore Line Phone Sex

Are you looking for a Goddess to worship? Hardcore Ignore Line Phone Sex in particular? A true, Ignore Line Phone Sex Goddess


You can try your hardest to sway her by sending her bonus after bonus…. Are you worthy of her lovley voice? Are you worthy to hear what a phone sex goddess would say?


This weekend only, Spoiling Sammi  Perhaps if you’re lucky you might be able to capture the sounds of her in the background. I know for a fact that Spoiling Sammi

is having company this weekend and maybe if you’re lucky, you will get to hear the lucky men who get to fuck her. The true and worthy, well-hung men.Those that have finally earned her attention at last. It didn’t come easily to them. It most certainly won’t for you, if ever.


Call her now Hardcore Ignore Line Phone Sex Goddess

Welcome Back

Welcome back to Dirty Phone Friend! We have a couple of your favorite girls with some new ones and more on the way.

Let’s meet the girls we have for your pleasure.

Auntie Sunshine is a mature blonde bombshell with a killer rack. She’s fun and will sit and have a drink with you while you tell her what you really desire! Sunni will always brighten your day!


Here is the link to Contact Sunni https://www.talktome.com/women/auntie-sunshine/

Now, let’s meet our Special girl, Brittni. She’s a sexy blonde trainwreck who loves being a dirty little slut for Daddy. Don’t get it twisted though, from submissive slut to dominant switch, she may have you begging to suck her fat cock! If you like to party she’s your shemale!


Contact her here https://www.talktome.com/shemale/balls-deep-brittni/

Last up is Lisa.  She is a lonely housewife whose husband is usually out of town. The guys love her and the women gossip about her and keep an eye on their men. Yes, you could call her a cougar! Sometimes you might find her on the front porch smoking a joint with anyone who stops by!  Why don’t you come on up, introduce yourself and have a chat with her



Contact Lisa here https://www.talktome.com/women/naughty-aunt-lisa/